The Spa of Hajdúszoboszló is famous throughout the country and even throughout Europe for its excellent medicinal water, its diverse Outdoor Bath and Aquapark, as well as its indoor adventure bath. And explorers are also waiting for a real NOVELTY: the Premium Zone, an open-air wellness complex.

Hajdúszoboszló awaits you all year round, regardless of age, as from autumn to spring we can relax in an indoor environment in the pools of the medicinal water and Aqua-Palace, while in summer we can enjoy the fantastic opportunities offered by slides, jacuzzis and hydromassages on a huge area, next to a boating lake. There is a playground for children, pools of varying depth according to age groups, beach sports courts for adults both on the water and on the shore, and for older people there are sitting pools with warm water. For those who like active holidays, the swimming pool is available every day.

Bath Spa complex

The Spa

The famous spa with a long history has become a national health centre thanks to its medicinal water and numerous world-class health services. Due to its unique mineral and trace element content, the medicinal water of Hajdúszoboszló can be widely used in the field of prevention and cure of health problems. Read more >>

Open: all year round

Pictures of the spa

Aqua-Palace Waterpark

The Aqua-Palace indoor adventure bath awaits those who want to relax with themed pools, slides, child-friendly services and various programs even in winter. In the sauna world there are Finnish, infrared saunas, a steam cabin and a cozy plunge pool for wellness fans. Read more >>

Open: all year round

Photos of the Aqua-Palace adventure bath


The 30-hectare beach offers an unforgettable experience with its 15 pools: Mediterranean beach, wave, whirlpool, children’s, educational and omega pools. One of the most important developments of the beach is the realization of the Mediterranean coast, which is the largest built beach pool in Central Europe. Read more>>

Open: May to late autumn

Pictures of the Beach


The Aquapark offers a real slide paradise: giant, hydro, multi-slide, kamikaze, black hole, crazy river, Big hole, Twister and in Niagara.Az Aquapark three beach pools and a drifting river offer opportunities for relaxation and bathing after slippery experiences for all ages. Read more >>

Open: June to late autumn

Pictures of the Aquapark

Premium Zone

The newest, most attractive open-air wellness bath of the country was built as an extension of the beach of Hajdúszoboszló. The Premium Zone satisfies five-star quality demands with its eye-catching, special visual elements, unique water experiences and comfortable wellness services. Read more >>

Open: June to the end of August

Pictures of the Premium Zone

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