Corporate team building events

Flexible solutions for every need.

Countless program opportunities await you if you choose Holidays Club Resorts as the venue of your corporate event. Based on the composition of the team, the goal of the team building, the individual needs and schedule, we not only help in smooth and trouble-free implementation, but you can even count on us in organizing external programs.

In-house, first of all, comfortable accommodation, dining and cozy garden and community spaces are available, but we can offer fantastic team-building venues nearby.

Team building activities nearby

If your team is looking for a relaxing break after a busy period, or if you want to develop team dynamics in unusual situations, we have several great ideas in both cases:

Relaxing programs

Photos of the neighborhood’s team building programs

Corporate event at the Holidays Club Resorts

Our 25 room units can comfortably accommodate 66 people. Our multi-room rooms also allow participants to be accommodated in separate airspaces.
Since the building has 2 floors, in case of a smaller number of participants, it is possible to provide accommodation separate from other guests. Thus, we are happy to host trainings for a few people.

Trainings and meetings – even in several smaller groups – are possible in our restaurant, reception, garden covered terrace or in our garden.
We undertake corporate team building events from at least 20 people.

If you need a little fun in the evening, we can also help you find a musician or DJ.

In our team building offers:

  • lodging
  • meal
  • Spa entrance fee (optional)

is also included.

Hall rentals aer not charged.

We are waiting for applications from companies throughout the year, we provide our unique offers on demand.